V-BOT 3D Printer Assembled

V-Bot is an open-source design of FFF 3D printer based on V-Slot motion system. It was designed to be easy assembled/disassembled for maintenance & future upgrades.

Upgrades are not included.

Motion System Smooth Motion System (V-Slot & V-Wheel)
Extruder E3D Titan Extruder & Full Metal V6 Hotend (Bowden)
Board MKS Gen V1.4 Motherboard (12V)
Build Size 20x20x30cm
Printing Bed PEI Bed Material and Heated Bed (Up t 120’C)
Accept 24V Power System
Laser Engraver
Paste Extruder
Expandable Size (XY)
Web Host (Raspberry Pi+ OctoPrint)
LCD & SD Host

KWD 500.0
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